MBS Dynamic owes its rapid rise in the industry market to a strong foundation, where dedication and knowledge have played a pivotal role. The partners and management team excel in delivering incomparable results.


Since the company’s inception, a powerful combination of the best architecture firms and an expanding roster of equity and debt partners have been involved in the development of more than 46,000 homes with a combined value of more than $6.8 billion.


The acquisition team is focused on high-growth markets throughout the United States where the supply of apartment homes is constrained, thus creating new opportunities where high population and job growth are key.


Centrally located in Los Angeles, our team thrives in transactions expanding throughout all of Southern California.  Over the past decade, the Principal and Management of The Company have been the lead in over $600 million in real estate based investment strategies, transactions and developments, ranging across all asset classes with varying return objectives and risk profiles.